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Function of Vex likes to give you everything you need without anything you don't, especially if it's harmful or cruel. 

We keep all of our products "10 Free," meaning our products are free of 10 different ingredients you'll be happy to avoid. It's not a common badge to wear in this industry and so you can understand why we stand by our products so much. 

Let's go over what they are and why you don't want them near you.

  1. DPB or Dibutyl Phthalate is used to soften plastics. In nail products, it has the effect of preventing cracks, chips, and other imperfections. However, while still approved in the United States, our products keep out DPBs because they've been tested to be carcinegous and lead to reproductive issues. 
  2. Toluene is also still permitted in the United States despite its link to issues including dizziness, nausea, eye irritation, and birth defects to women during pregnancy. 
  3. Formaldehyde was formerly used as a nail hardener but research and testing by the International Agency for Research on Cancer shows that it can lead to nasal and lung cancers. 
  4. Camphor in large doses can be very toxic and inhalation or ingestion can lead to accelerated heartbeat, skin vasodilation, slowed breathing, and seizures. 
  5. Parabens don't just stop at harming the environment, they're also responsible for abnormal breast cell growth and cases of breast cancer. 
  6. Formaldehyde Resin can cause skin irritation, skin depigmentation, and loss in nervous sensation.
  7. Xylene can be harmful through both inhalation and ingestion. Its side effects include: irritation to skin/nose/throat, dizziness, loss of muscle coordination, and death.
  8. TPHP or Triphenyl Phosphate acts as a flame retardant in nail products but has shown to disrupt endocrine functions and reproductive health such as hormone imbalance and decreased sperm count.
  9. Tosylamide is known to cause allergic reactions to some, leaving you with skin reactions around the eyelids, neck, mouth, genital area etc. 
  10. Gluten might be a strange one, but for nail biters with gluten allergies, gluten infused nail products may prove problematic.

Even if these ingredients might not be in high enough doses in some cases, we believe that there's a reason why they're banned in other countries. Furthermore, buying from brands that stay 10 Free means that we support manufacturers whose employees don't have to be anywhere near these harmful chemicals. In any case, we want everyone to focus on expressing themselves without any ounce of worry as to whether or not they'll suffer later on. No one should have to risk their health to pursue nail art! 


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