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Function of Vex knew that in order to create a quality product line, it had to start with a strong foundation. With a series of strong base products, f(vex) weird-doers would have the support needed to keep their creative designs everlasting. 

Stay Put Primer is the most essential of the three base products. After cleaning your nail bed with a gel cleanser or alcohol, your nails will now be ready for a base layer that promotes adhesion/grip to compensate for the smoothness of your natural nail beds. Remember that thoroughly cleaning your nail beds will remove any debris/oils and make the maximum amount of surface area available for the Stay Put Primer to work. Think of it as double sided tape! 

With the Flex Base Gel, we understood the anatomy of our nails and how they hold moisture, warp with movement, and grow over time. Our formula possesses a rubbery texture, providing structure to prep for nail art while giving slight mobility to the changing nature of the nail plate. If you're familiar with soft gel manicures, you're sure to have heard of a rubber base. Flex Base is our version of rubber base with the perfect medium viscosity to wear thinly as a regular gel base coat or built up for added structure. Without this step, nail art may stick to the Stay Put Primer, but may not withstand the day to day wear and tear. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, is our go to Armor Gel. We wanted to consider all walks of life as we got to learn how diverse the nail art community was. For those who worked a lot with their hands and wanted longer lasting designs/nail treatment, semi-hard Armor Gel works as a laminate to seal and protect your nail work. 


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