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Astro Crush Foil Flakes

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Astro Crush Foil Flakes

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Prepare yourself to be launched into space because these flakes are out of this world. Seriously thin, meaning you won't need to grab that builder gel to encapsulate. Just use your fav high viscosity topcoat (we love Hi-Def Gloss Topcoat). This collection comes in 3 iridescent shades (Atmosphere, Orbit, and Gravity) along with 3 classic metallic foil shades (Moonwalk, Solar, and Lightyear). 

Atmosphere is a silvery blue that reflects red and orange depending on your base.

Orbit is a soft muted purple that reflects blue and yellow depending on your base. 

Gravity is a soft champagne gold that reflects blue, pink, and orange depending on your base. 

Moonwalk is a true silver.

Solar is a regal warm gold.

Lightyear is a matte champagne gold. 

How to use:

1. Apply base gel + color gel of choice. Cure for 30 seconds.

2. Tap the flakes into the tacky surface of the gel.

3. Seal with topcoat of choice. 

Bonus usage:

1. Astro Crush can also be used similarly to chrome pigments. Apply base gel + color of choice. Cure. 

2. Apply non-wipe gloss topcoat like Hi-Def Gloss. Cure.

3. Use a pigment applicator or cosmetic sponge to buff flakes into the cured topcoat. Brush away excess flakes. 

4. Buff the free edges with a file. Apply a thin layer of builder gel (Armor gel) to prevent chipping. Cure.

5. Seal with your favorite non-wipe topcoat. 



Function of Vex formulas are carefully tested to be 10 free, vegan, non-toxic, low HEMA, and organic. Our gel product formulas are crafted in cosmetic labs with the highest international safety standards and made in small batches to ensure optimal quality. 

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