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Nice, Nail Oil

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Nice, Nail Oil

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"Nice, Nail Oil."

Organic, Vegan, Non-Toxic. Gluten and Paraben Free.

Our Nice, Nail Oil cuticle care oil is a total staple for any nail pro or enthusiast looking to make their designs last and is the perfect finishing touch of self love and care to any mani! 

Weight: 30ml // 1 fl.oz

Formula: Our blend of Organic Jojoba oil and Vitamins B//E is lightweight, absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue, and is easy to control with the included ergonomic dropper top. 

Fragrance: All of our scented cuticle oils have a light fragrance that isn't overpowering or overwhelming so if you've ever had an issue with strongly scented products, this one's for you. 

Our Signature Scents:

  • Honey Milk - A universal, unisex fragrance. Milky upfront with soft notes of honey at the end. Reminds us of a freshly glazed pastry. Not overly sweet, a tad floral once it settles.
  • Green Tea - Floral upfront with a clean and dewy finish. Slightly sweet like a freshly whisked bowl of ceremonial grade matcha. Ends with a more unisex warm musk once it settles. 

Ingredients: No monstrous list of words you can't pronounce here. We've kept our blend extremely clean and simple.

  • Organic Jojoba Oil - Anti-fungal properties perfect for dry and damaged cuticles//skin, Anti-inflammatory properties tame chaffing and irritation while keeping skin calm, Naturally occurring source of Vitamins B and E which are extremely effective antioxidants for nourishing the skin
  • Vitamin B - Softens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines with continued use
  • Vitamin E - Anti-inflammatory agent for skin, prevents and reduces damage or inflammation to the skin after UV exposure, strengthens skin barrier functions
  • Organic Extracts - Used for light fragrance

How to Use: Apply as needed! Nice, Nail Oil is also a great general hydrating body care oil that is lightweight and leaves a healthy glow to the skin without the greasiness. We like using it on our old tattoos to revive their appearance, hair for a soft and weightless shine, nails (duh) to improve the health of our nail beds, and across the décolletage for light aromatherapy after some self care. 

Storage: We've kept our ingredient list extremely simple to avoid allergens and to give you the cleanest possible beauty oil. Please store away from sunlight and extreme heat to maintain the quality so that Nice, Nail Oil can do its best for you!  


Function of Vex formulas are carefully tested to be 10 free, vegan, non-toxic, low HEMA, and organic. Our gel product formulas are crafted in cosmetic labs with the highest international safety standards and made in small batches to ensure optimal quality. 

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