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Short Oval 450pcs // Just The Tips

£28.00 £28.00
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Short Oval 450pcs // Just The Tips

£28.00 £28.00
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You guessed it. Just The Tips. Yeah baby.

Full coverage soft gel extensions. 100% Soft Gel. Fully etched on both sides (pre-buffed) and if you know, you know. If you don't we'll tell ya. 

For maximum adhesion, soft gel extensions typically need to be buffed on the inside by hand, e-file, or chemically etched. Beyond that, you'll usually need to buff the outer cuticle area to create a more seamless transition into your own cuticles. BUT that takes time and we're here to give you that time back. 

Time for you to go out and make more memories, stir up more chaos, and live your best life. Less time buffing = more time creating. 

Just The Tips are not only fully buffed on both sides, but they're also ultra-thin at the cuticle and come in 15 sizes (say what??) Most brands will give you 11 or 12 sizes, but our kit has 15 sizes (including half sizes) that will help you fit even the most unique nail bed sizes. 

Perfect for manis on yourself, others, or making press-ons. Let us give you your time back and let us give you Just The Tips. 

OH. And did we mention that they're SUPER strong? Clumsy claw bearers rejoice. You can have your cake AND eat it too. 


How To Use: 

  1. Apply your favorite primer and base gel.
  2. Apply a small bead of gel tip adhesive or our Ice Ice BB Solid Tip Gel to the underside of the extension. Angle the extension at a 45 degree angle a few mm away from the cuticle and slowly align with the cuticle while laying the extension down parallel to the nail bed. Once the adhesive gel has reached the free edge of the nail, flash cure for 5-10 seconds. Fully cure for 60 seconds. 
  3. You're ready for paint! No need to buff the surface or apply base gel. 



Function of Vex formulas are carefully tested to be 10 free, vegan, non-toxic, low HEMA, and organic. Our gel product formulas are crafted in cosmetic labs with the highest international safety standards and made in small batches to ensure optimal quality. 

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