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Aura Melt Ombre Powder "Passion"

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Aura Melt Ombre Powder "Passion"

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Looks like eyeshadow, but we promise you it's even better. Finely milled, cosmetic grade pigments minus the oils and binders you'd typically find in eyeshadows. Made specifically for nail art, highly pigmented, and endless possibilities to express yourself with ease. We've tried the eyeshadow hacks and that's what gave us the idea to create a palette JUST for nail art that will make your life loads easier. The binders in eyeshadows prevent you from getting the most out of the pigment and can't be applied to a mattified surface. Pair this palette with our Ceramic Matte Topcoat for best results. 

What's it do? The Aura Melt Ombre Powder gives you the easiest, fastest, most mess free and frustration free method of creating ombre nail art. 

The Passion Aura Melt Palette is inspired by sultry settings, romantic sentiments, and irresistible sensations.  

9 x 0.5 g

Powder 'N' Pigment Applicators sold separately. 

How To Use It: 

  1. Apply Ceramic Matte Topcoat. Cure for 60 seconds.
  2. Grab a Powder 'N' Pigment Applicator and dip into your color of choice. Swipe gently into the cured matte topcoat. Blend away! Brush away the excess pigment and topcoat again! (Yep, it's really that easy)
  3. (Optional) Apply matte topcoat again, cure, and repeat pigment application for more color intensity!

Function of Vex formulas are carefully tested to be 10 free, vegan, non-toxic, low HEMA, and organic. Our gel product formulas are crafted in cosmetic labs with the highest international safety standards and made in small batches to ensure optimal quality. 

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